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Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Box: How To Sell Your Old Jewelry

Feb 21, 2022

Spring can’t come soon enough for most of us. Winter and COVID restrictions have kept us cooped up, bored, and maybe a little bit stir-crazy. As we approach warmer weather and the ability to open our windows again, spring cleaning is likely on your to-do list. And if it is, don’t forget about your jewelry box!

Earn Extra This Spring By Cleaning Out Your Jewelry Box!

As your jewelry collection grows, so might your interest in different pieces and how frequently you wear them. Maybe you have one half of a pair of earrings that you’ve been holding out hope on a return. Or perhaps it’s a necklace from an old lover that you never wear but don’t want to just toss away. Cleaning out your jewelry box can be bittersweet, but it can also be lucrative.

Sell Your Old Jewelry For More

Even though you may not wear your old jewelry anymore, you can sell it and get extra earnings this spring. One thing to keep in mind is that precious metals fluctuate in price. That’s just simply the nature of the market. As of February 2022, gold prices are at a high right now. In fact, a single gram can command $58.77. A reputable buyer will always have an eye on the market when it comes to weighing the value of your materials to ensure you get a fair price.

Another factor to consider is the condition of the jewelry. For example, maybe that old necklace that you never wear is in perfect condition. A reputable buyer can tell you the value of the necklace and resell it to someone who adores it and wears it every single day.

One thing to note is that diamonds are similar to a new car: once a purchase is made, they immediately lose value. However, if you happen to have documentation for the jewelry — especially diamonds — that can help ensure you receive the best value.

Repair Your Jewelry

As you start your spring cleaning process, you may even discover a broken gold chain or damaged watch that you used to love. If that is the case, spring cleaning is an optimal time to give new life to great pieces that are in need of repair.

Whether you are looking to resize a ring, polish your jewelry, or remount loose jewels, Samuelson’s can help refresh your jewelry with our jewelry repair services.

Repurpose Your Jewelry

Spring cleaning creates the opportunity to transform your old jewelry into something new. When we evaluate a piece, we look at two main elements: the setting and the stones. Let’s say you find a single diamond earring, we can contribute to the sustainability movement — that very same earring can be melted down into its pure contents and brought back to life as a new piece of jewelry.

How To Sell Your Old Jewelry

After cleaning out your jewelry box, you may just be ready to start fresh and earn some extra cash. If this is your first time selling jewelry, Samuelson’s can help! Use our guide on mistakes to avoid when selling silver or gold — or make an appointment in one of our stores. If you live outside of the DMV area, we offer secure shipping services so you can earn extra money no matter where you live!

Whether you’re selling a watch handed down by your grandfather, or an engagement ring, we understand that choosing to sell your item is a personal experience. We walk prospective sellers through the process and encourage you to ask as many questions as you want to make sure you feel comfortable. We can even provide a history lesson if the piece in question is of a vintage era!

Our commitment to you is to make the process easy and provide a private, no-pressure environment for you to make the best decision. At the end of the day, we want you to feel comfortable with your options.

Just think: spring cleaning can be emotionally and mentally satisfying when you declutter your house — and it can also bring in a few extra dollars! Who knows what treasures you might find in that jewelry box of yours.

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