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Recutting Diamonds to Increase Value

Nov 5, 2020

Can Recutting Diamonds Increase Their Value?

At Samuelson’s, we are passionate about diamonds and the people who love them. We have seen a lot of beautiful stones in our time, but some diamonds have lost their luster. When this happens, we don’t mean that it has lost its shine, we mean that they might not have been cut properly in the first place to really show off their assets. 

We count these scenarios a win on two parts: the first being that we can truly showcase the diamond’s brilliance by recutting the stone. The second being that we can further support the sustainability movement by repurposing the diamond.

When we talk about repurposing diamonds, that means sometimes a pear shaped diamond becomes an oval cut diamond. A diamond with a poor cut grade is transformed into an excellent cut. Or a light yellow diamond is cut into a fancy intense yellow diamond stone. Here are the key factors we use to determine whether a diamond needs to be recut:

Carat Weight 

If the diamond is of a smaller carat weight, it may not be prudent to cut the stone unless there’s a sentimental value. The reason being is that the weight of the diamond is what leads to the monetary value of the diamond. The smaller the carat size, the less the diamond value. Additionally, if the diamond is too small, it may be difficult to maintain its proportions when the diamond is recut. 

Diamond Cut 

When we talk about diamond estate jewelry, we often see overly deep or shallow cuts because the priority was on retaining as much carat weight as possible. However, even though this may have been done with good intentions, it can still lead to less-than-ideal results when it comes to clarity and brilliance- which are also an important part of how much your diamond will be worth. By recutting the diamond to increase its symmetry, we can deliver a more aesthetically pleasing presentation, which can often increase value as well.

Diamond Shape

Another key consideration is knowing what shapes are best for which cuts. Depending on the original cut, a diamond may be recut to a different shape. For example, if the stone was originally a pear or marquise cut but has visible chips or inclusions, it can easily be refined into an oval diamond shape. That way, we can preserve as much of the original weight while increasing the diamonds’ brilliance and clarity. The result of this would be an appreciation of the diamond’s value over time.

What To Do With A Chipped Diamond?

Chipped diamonds are a common problem, but one that can be fixed. While diamonds are one of the hardest materials found on our planet, they are still subject to wear and tear. The most common of these is to see chipping. A chip is considered a visual flaw and can also compromise the diamond’s structural integrity. A small chip can lead to a crack or even cause the diamond to shatter depending on where the chip falls on the diamond’s surface. 

In terms of the trade-in or resale value of diamonds, the value of a chipped diamond is not much, but that doesn’t mean it should be discarded! Recutting the chipped diamond is the best choice because the structural integrity is retained while removing the flaw. Many people prefer having their chipped diamonds recut into smaller stones that have higher clarity grades and that look better than their original state as well. 

Get Your Diamond Appraised Before Recutting

We know diamonds may carry sentimental value as much as it does monetary. Before you go to a diamond recutting service, we recommend taking your diamonds to a jewelry buyer, like Samuelson’s, to get an offer and see how much it’s worth. We’d love to help bring new life back into your old diamonds by helping you find the right way to preserve it, whether that’s by selling or getting your diamonds recut. We’d be delighted to help you find a solution for a diamond stone you already have. While you’re here, check out our diamond inventory as well. 

To get started, visit our website to make an appointment or call one of our three locations. Ask as many questions as you want and we will answer them all – after all, diamonds are forever!
If you can’t make it in-person to one of our three locations but want to buy diamonds online, view our Diamond Search page to find out what is the best diamond cut for you!

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