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The Best Way to Leverage Your Jewelry for Short-Term Cash Flow

Jul 18, 2019

Even the most valuable diamond jewelry can be hard to sell the right way. Getting from point A to point B when you have valuable jewelry and need cash is easier said than done.

If you’re in need of fast cash and have jewelry to sell, read on. In this blog post, you’ll learn the best way to maximize the value of your jewelry to leverage short-term cash.



Know what you have

If you want to leverage your jewelry for short term cash, the first step is determining what you have. How can you sell something if you don’t know what it’s worth?

What a lot of people get wrong about jewelry, and diamonds in particular, is that they don’t necessarily get more valuable as time goes on. While this is true with some things, far more important in determining the value of your jewelry is…

  • 4C’s of the diamond (Cut, Color, Clarity, & Carat weight)
  • Ring setting — for instance, platinum settings are the most valuable, with gold not too far behind
  • Brand and/or designer
  • Supply and demand of a particular style based on market trends

While it can be easy to think this is something you can do yourself with the aid of the internet, not so fast. While the web is great for everything from learning how to bake your own bread to streaming the new Taylor Swift song, you should leave jewelry evaluation to the experts.

Talk with Samuelson’s Diamonds and Estate Jewelry

At Samuelson’s Diamonds and Estate Buyers, our experts are trained in determining the right value for your jewelry. We love buying jewelry because it’s a win-win. You achieve the short-term cash you need, and we get high-quality jewelry that can go to customers who will love and cherish your jewelry, giving it a new life.

With our expert jewelry evaluators, you’ll meet in a private 1:1 consultation where each and every aspect of your jewelry’s value will be discussed and it’s value determined. We’ll make you a cash offer for your jewelry, which you can either accept or move on with the knowledge of your jewelry’s value as determined by one of Baltimore’s top jewelry experts.

Contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

Did you know: If you need fast cash and don’t want to lose your treasured jewelry, Samuelson’s short-term collateral loan could be perfect! In as little as 30 minutes we’ll make you an offer on your valuables, agree on the terms of the loan, and write you a check. Learn more about this fantastic program that gets you get the cash you need quick!



Gather any documentation

No matter who you’re selling your jewelry to, having some supporting documentation will make things easier. Some good documents to have on hand include:

  • A diamond lab certification
  • A past appraisal
  • The original purchase receipt of the jewelry

While this information is absolutely not necessary, it strengthens the value and will be helpful to any professional evaluator.


Temper expectations

Even jewelry that doesn’t cost a lot can hold a lot of value to you. Sentimental value is a real thing, and it should not be taken lightly. Your experience with your jewelry captures memories. Everything from who gave it to you, to a designer or brand you have a special connection with, can make jewelry pieces particularly valuable.

Just remember, unlike the market value of your jewelry, sentimental value is not transferable. While your grandmother’s ring holds extra value given your relationship with her, a jewelry evaluator will not be attaching the same value to the jewelry.

When setting expectations for how much you can make, we encourage you to self-evaluate your jewelry with all sentimentality removed. You can then take an honest look at your jewelry and have realistic expectations for what you’ll get when selling your jewelry.

Choose carefully

For this reason, we also encourage you to choose jewelry to sell for the right reasons. If a certain ring has a lot of value to you personally, but may not hold much market value, it’s probably not the right ring to sell to make some short-term cash.

The jewelry you do want to sell — pieces that hold little sentimental value and high market value — are where to start when poring through your jewelry collection. These will not only make you the most money, but also be the easiest to part with and lead to no regret in the future.

Where not to sell your jewelry for the highest return

What you should not do is just as important as what you do. A lot of people want your jewelry — this puts you in a position of power.

Whatever you do, don’t sell to any of the following places or people:

Friends or family

This is often viewed as the easiest option. At first, it may be! But selling to those that are close leads to a couple of inevitable issues:

  • You won’t get top dollar: Your friends and family are going to go into business with you under the presumption that you’ll give them a deal. They may even want you to agree to a payment plan that you’re not comfortable with (and have little confidence you’ll actually get paid.)
  • They may want a refund if everything is not perfect: What happens if they notice a scratch a couple months later? Maybe they decide they don’t actually want it? They may try to come to you to get their money back or have you “fix” the scratch. It could also be that you want your jewelry back and they don’t want to do it.

Don’t muddy personal relationships with a jewelry sale you won’t get top dollar for.

Pawn shops

This can seem like a great option for some. Hey, you may even be able to pay back the loan and get your jewelry back?

The thing is, you will not be given top dollar for your jewelry at a pawn shop. They also make it difficult for you to buy back your jewelry. You also won’t be working with professional jewelry buyers.


Craigslist and eBay can seem like a great option when you need to make a quick buck, but do you really want to trust strangers in a jewelry transaction? Of course not!

While you can make money and occasionally get a higher price through these venues, more often the buyers you want are not even seeing your jewelry. This leaves people looking for cheap deals, or worse, looking to scam.

Where should you buy? A reputable, locally cherished jewelry buyer

There is just no better place to sell your jewelry than a locally revered jewelry buying institution. They will always have experienced evaluators, a secure setting, and can deliver peace of mind that selling to other venues simply can’t deliver.

At Samuelson’s Diamonds and Estate Buyers, we offer cash AND a secure office. Our private appointments provide you with an evaluation of the value of your jewelry as well as a cash offer. With Samuelson’s, you’ll be working with a Baltimore institution that made their bones by working with integrity.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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