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5 Viral Jewelry Trends for 2024

Feb 21, 2024

Every year, we see trends change, and the jewelry market is no exception. Knowing the trends can help you to find pieces that you adore, making it easy for you to grow your beautiful collection one necklace or bracelet at a time.

These are some of the top jewelry trends 2024 has to offer!

1) Statement Jewelry

This is one of the new jewelry trends that keeps on coming back! Understanding where to buy statement jewelry is easy—you can find unique statement jewelry through trusted jewelers all around the world!

Examples of Statement Jewelry:

  • Unique Earrings
  • Original Bracelets
  • Eye-Catching Necklaces
  • Estate Jewelry

2) Upgrading Jewelry

Improving your collection is always a good idea, and upgrading your jewelry can help. To upgrade your jewelry, you can improve upon pieces you already have or trade your collection in for some exciting new pieces.

Trading in Jewelry

Most people don’t realize that trading in jewelry is a very effective way to improve your collection. All you have to do is sell old pieces you don’t wear anymore, then use those funds to purchase something new and modern. This is also a great eco-friendly practice!

Upgrading to Authentic Gems & Precious Metals

Are real silver, gold, and diamond jewelry trending? This question comes up often, but it is important to know that silver, gold, and diamonds are always trending—as long as they are real. These materials hold value and continue to look great. They are always in style, and you can get great value for pieces with these materials!

3) Stacked Wedding Bands

Unique wedding band combinations are one of the latest in jewelry trends. An excellent example of this is the Cartier love wedding band stack options. This popular style for bands can make your left hand look amazing!

Nested Rings

All wedding rings and bands go together, but nested rings take it to a whole new level. These rings fit together effortlessly because they were designed to. They also offer a great and seamless look!

Mismatched Rings

A unique style stands out, and mismatched stacked wedding bands are becoming much more popular with the growing mismatched jewelry trend. Finding rings that go together but aren’t necessarily designed to be seamless can give your hand a truly eye-catching look. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Wedding Rings Stacked with Solitaire Ring

The classic solitaire ring is iconic, and these rings are being incorporated into more stacked designs. Look for the perfect bands to stack with your solitaire ring to create a classy and modern appearance!

4) Second-Hand Designer Jewelry

You don’t have to shop new to add beautiful designer pieces to your collections. High-quality second-hand jewelry is always available through trusted jewelers, and you can find some truly incredible pieces on the market.

Trending Luxury Brands

Luxury jewelry trends can change based on the season and other top fashion trends. The most popular jewelry styles come from top names in jewelry, so it is best to know who to look out for. 

Top Brands Include:

Buying Pre-Owned Designer Jewelry Online

More people are buying pre-owned jewelry, also known as “second-hand jewelry” or  “2nd hand jewelry”, because it lets you build your collection for a great price. Understanding where to buy pre-owned designer jewelry online can help you to find great pieces from different designers. 

Learning where to shop for jewelry is important for building your collection. You can find trending jewelry brands from today’s top designers and buy amazing second-hand jewelry here.

5) Brooches and Pins

Adding a few unique brooches and pins can help you bring more flash and flair to your daily wear. These classic jewelry pieces are perfect for weddings, meetings, and even a trip to the store.

Unique Brooches

Some brooches are understated, while others were made to catch your gaze. As we enter a bolder and more vibrant jewelry era, unique brooches are becoming more popular. The best part is that there are options to match every style.

The colorful jewelry trend can really apply here—look for something that stands out!

Estate Jewelry Pins

More pieces than you might think are considered estate jewelry, and unique estate jewelry often sells for a great price throughout the years. You can add a more vintage, classic look to your collection by shopping for estate jewelry pins.

Do You Have Fine Jewelry That Isn’t in Style Anymore?

Popular jewelry styles can change by the year, and some pieces are ready to move to someone else’s jewelry cabinet instead of yours. This is the natural cycle of jewelry, and it can also empower you to keep your collection modern and fresh. Fortunately, our team at Samulson’s Diamonds is here to help. We buy and sell jewelry to help jewelry lovers build collections they love.

To learn more about what we buy, explore our jewelry-buying process at Samuelson’s Diamonds!

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5 Viral Jewelry Trends for 2024

Feb 21, 2024

Every year, we see trends change, and the jewelry market is no exception. Knowing the trends can help you to find pieces that you adore, making it easy for you to grow your beautiful collection one necklace or bracelet at a time. These are some of…

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