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Everything You Need to Know About Patek Philippe Watches

Feb 2, 2024

Few watch companies have more renown than Patek Philippe, a brand that has grown in fame since it first entered the market. These watches look great, maintain a high value, and offer something for everyone to enjoy. 

In this article, we will explore an overview of Patek Philippe watches. 

Calatrava Ref 5119R-001

The History of Patek Philippe

This compelling and rare watch brand started nearly 200 years ago and was founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Francois Czapek. Throughout the years, they evolved the brand to include features like keyless winding, revealing one new watch upgrade after another in the decades that followed. The brand has grown to include new styles, new features, and even new markets. From fashionable designs to calendars, Patek Philippe watches have it all, maintaining their popularity to this day.

Is Patek Philippe the most expensive watch? Yes and no. A proud part of this brand’s history is the fact that one model, The Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010, is the most expensive watch ever sold. 

Aquanaut 5167A-001

When Was Patek Philippe Founded?

The history of Patek Philippe spreads all the way back to the 1800s. The brand was first created in 1839!

Where Are Patek Philippe Watches Made?

All Patek Philippe watches are made in Geneva, and this is something you can count on. Is Patek Philippe Swiss? Yes, it is—and its watches are made in Geneva, Switzerland every year!

How Many Patek Philippe Watches Are Made Every Year?

With each new year, Patek Philippe’s memorable collections continue to grow. The brand is known to produce roughly 60,000 watches every single year, only adding to how rare and desirable these watches are.

Are Patek Philippe Watches Handmade?

Some brands rely on machines, but the mark of true craftsmanship often comes down to the human touch. Patek Philippe watches are made by hand using teams of talented watchmakers.

This is one of the many reasons why Patek Philippe watches are so expensive!

Where to Find Serial Number and Identify Model of Patek Philippe

A serial number is a great identifier, and these watches make it easy. Do Patek Philippe watches have serial numbers? They sure do! This is a simple way to learn how to identify Patek Philippe models. You can find the serial number on the back of the case on most models. 

Nautilus Ref 5800/1A-001

How Much is a Patek Philippe Watch?

Knowing the price of a Patek Philippe watch is important if you want to know how to sell a Patek Philippe watch or buy one.  What is the average price of a Patek Philippe watch today? It depends on the model, but you can safely assume these watches will be over $10,000. 

How to Get the Best Price on a Patek Philippe: Buying Pre-Owned

Learning where to buy Patek Philippe can help you find a model you love at a fair price. At Samuelson’s Diamonds, we have been buying and selling pre-owned Patek Philippe watches with our very happy customers for years. There is no doubt about it—pre-owned watches allow you to make a lasting investment while also letting you receive the best price. Can you buy Patek Philippe online? You sure can, and we can help. Explore our luxury watch collections today!

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