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Apr 6, 2022


Establishes $10,000 Grant in Honor of Centennial to Help Other Baltimore Family-Owned Businesses Grow

Samuelson’s to Host Celebratory Party at Peerce’s in May and Announce Grant Recipient

BALTIMORE – April 6, 2022Samuelson’s Diamonds & Estate Buyers, a 3rd generation jeweler founded in 1922, today announced its celebration of 100 years in business with the launch of a $10,000 grant to help other local family businesses grow. The winner will be selected in May and invited as a VIP to the company’s 100-year celebration party, where they will be revealed. Family businesses can enter to win the grant here. Applicants should submit a short video explaining how they will use the funds to help their business and why being a family-owned business has been instrumental to their success, among other criteria.

“We were looking for a way to celebrate our 100 year milestone in a unique and meaningful way.  Giving to charity is something that we have always done, but making a meaningful contribution to a local family business that shares our values and entrepreneurial spirit is a more actionable way to pay it forward and celebrate this rare milestone,” said Ron Samuelson, CEO.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that only about 12% of companies are older than 26 years. It’s theorized that only about a half a percent (0.5%) of all companies have what it takes to last 100 years. This means that centennial companies are rare and not the norm. 

Samuelson’s first store opened in 1922 on Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Royal Theater and moved to Baltimore Street in downtown Baltimore in 1972 where it operated as a traditional pawnshop – buying and selling everything from guitars, to antiques & collectables, and of course, jewelry. 

Baltimore St

Samuelson’s has significantly grown and evolved to better meet the needs of its clients. Today, Samuelson’s offers one of the only VIP concierge buying and selling experiences for high-end jewelry. The appointment driven one-on-one client experience, whether buying or selling, is an education on the ins and outs of the jewelry business. The company operates out of three locations in the MVA area – Pikesville, Chevy Chase and Tysons Corner. 

The centenary was reached by following these three core values: Trust, Integrity & Transparency. Throughout the years, Samuelson’s stayed true to these values and continued to evolve and expand over its 100-year history. 

“My grandfather, Milton Samuelson, always said, ‘You gotta change with the times.’ Change is constant and you need to adapt to the current business climate, without changing your core values,” Ron Samuelson, CEO, commented on the secret to their success. “One rule that has kept the family business together is to never engage in family politics, and we have not broken that rule. We all have tremendous respect for one another and value the views and expertise we each bring to the table.”

Milton Samuelson

Samuelson’s has invested in new technologies, created a robust e-commerce site, and implemented several new ways that customers can do business with the company from the comfort of their home.  This includes virtual appointments, mail, and private appointments in one of the boutique locations in the region. Samuelson’s also sells its jewelry on Etsy and 1stDibs.

The commitment to the business continues today as Steve Samuelson, now 80 years old and working since 1962, still comes into the office regularly and serves as President of the company. Ron’s son, Ethan, is a college student who works for the company in the summers and has been helpful in building the online inventory and internet properties.

“I am so proud of our team and how we continue to grow despite the many challenges that we have faced over our 100-year history. To get to this milestone and still have a strong business and family bond, is what keeps me going every day,” said Steve Samuelson, President. “We look forward to the future and celebrating 100 more

years in business.”

About Samuelson’s 

Founded in 1922, Samuelson’s has remained family owned and operated for 100 years.  It’s founder, Milton Samuelson, built a thriving retail jewelry business in Baltimore, specializing in providing his customers with outstanding service and trustworthy quality for decades. Milton’s son, Steve, joined the business and together they continued to expand.  Steve’s son, Ron, continued the passion for diamonds, gold and silver, as well as estate jewelry and watches. As precious metal prices have continued to climb, the need for a trustworthy and reputable buyer in Baltimore became more and more apparent. Samuelson’s responded, creating an active and reliable buying business within our retail store to serve its many old and new local customers. As demand across the region continued to grow, Samuelson’s again responded, opening new buying locations in Chevy Chase, MD & Tysons Corner, VA to service its Washington, D.C. area customers. For more information visit

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