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8 Signs You’re Ready to Sell Your Engagement Ring

Aug 31, 2015

People sell their engagement rings for many reasons. Often, it’s the best decision for everyone involved. Many people choose to sell their engagement ring after a divorce, after becoming widowed, or after a broken engagement. Some people simply need the money, and that’s a valid reason, too.

No matter why you’re selling your ring, it can be a difficult decision. It’s not always easy to tell when is really the right time. Here are 8 signs you’re ready to sell your engagement ring:


1. You Don’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

This alone may not be a good enough reason to sell your engagement ring, but it’s an important sign.

If your engagement ring is lying untouched and forgotten at the bottom of your jewelry box, a fair payment that matches its true value might be worth more to you than the ring itself.

If you’re not wearing your engagement ring, but aren’t ready to sell it yet, you might consider turning it into a ring necklace. Check out these pictures on Pinterest for inspiration!


2. You Don’t Plan to Pass it Down to Children

Some engagement rings stay in families for generations. Some people pass on their antique engagement rings to their sons or daughters. It can be a beautiful tradition, but it’s not for everyone.

There are many reasons people don’t pass engagement rings down to their children. Some people don’t have children. Others want their children to have the experience of choosing a unique and personal ring with their partner. Others still simply don’t have a deep attachment to their engagement ring, and so passing it on wouldn’t make sense.

Whatever your reason, this is another sign that selling your engagement ring might be your best option.


3. You’re Not Emotionally Attached to It Anymore

There’s nothing wrong with not feeling an emotional attachment to your engagement ring.

Even people with incredibly loving marriages sometimes don’t. Maybe you just don’t generally find sentimental value in material things. Or maybe your wedding band feels more symbolic of your marriage.

Maybe you’re not married or engaged anymore, in which case it’s completely understandable not to feel the need to keep your ring.


4. You Keep Wondering What Your Engagement Ring Is Worth

Even if they’re curious what it’s worth, some people avoid getting jewelry evaluated because they think they’ll be pressured to sell on the spot.

If the value of your engagement ring keeps nagging at the back of your mind, that’s an indication you might be ready to sell it — or you’re at least getting there.

Plus, at Samuelson’s Buyers, we will never pressure you to sell just because we’ve given you an evaluation.


5. You Need the Money

Many people wonder if it is wrong to sell an engagement ring because they need the money. Depending on a number of factors, your diamonds may have significant value.

From our perspective, the answer is, not at all. In fact, it happens all the time. We understand how much sentimental value an engagement ring can hold, but we also understand the need to take care of and provide for yourself and your loved ones.

If you have decided to sell your engagement ring to accomplish that, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your ring’s value and help you get the best possible deal for it.


6. Your Engagement Ring Holds Bad Memories, Not Good Ones

If you’ve been through a painful divorce, the death of a loved one, or an engagement that didn’t work out, it’s completely understandable not to want your ring anymore. Going through any of those things is difficult enough without having physical reminders in the house.

All jewelry — especially an engagement ring — is supposed to make you happy. It’s not worth keeping something that brings up unhappy memories.


7. You Worry About Losing Your Engagement Ring

If you’re worried about losing it because the ring itself is important to you, this is probably a good reason not to sell it. However, if you’re worried because you keep misplacing it, you never wear it, and you don’t want to lose something that expensive, that’s a sign that you are ready to sell it.

Unfortunately, engagement rings do get lost, especially during big life events, like moving to a new home. If you know you want to sell your ring one day, but you’re afraid you’ll lose it before then, don’t wait!

If you do sell your diamond engagement ring, make sure you remove it from your insurance policy.


8. You Feel Ready to Sell Your Engagement Ring

If you’re on the fence or you’re not sure how to know when you’re ready to sell your ring, these signs will help you. Ultimately though, it comes down to you. You’ll have to listen to your instincts. If you’re ready, we’d love to meet with you and help you sell your engagement ring, but the last thing we want is for you to sell your ring and then regret it.

We always recommend holding on to your jewelry until you feel confident that you’re ready to part with it.

Of course, meeting with us does not mean you have to sell anything. We’re happy to take you through our appraisal process and make you an offer, even if you decide you’re not ready. We’ll never pressure you to sell.


If you’re ready to get an expert valuation of your engagement ring contact us to set up a private appointment.

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