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6.18 Carat Yellow Diamond Halo Eternity Band Ring

Mar 23, 2022

Many people know Samuelson’s for the gorgeous jewelry we sell, along with the vintage and estate pieces we purchase. But did you know that we also dabble in design when the opportunity presents itself? It allows us to flex our creative muscles and reimagine what a piece might look like, using stones, metals, and other materials. 

Recently, we purchased a parcel of loose yellow diamonds from a client. The diamonds ranged in clarity from VS – SI and all together, weighed 6.18 carats. (New to the 4 C’s? We explain what they are here! As a collection of loose diamonds, there were numerous ways we could use them. They could be set as earrings, within a necklace pendant, as part of a bracelet, and of course, as a ring. 

That’s when we turned to our CAD (computer-aided design) designer to play around with some ideas. We also had some loose white diamonds that we thought would create a nice halo feature if placed around each yellow diamond. Using white diamonds around a colored diamond has the effect of making the color in the colored diamond pop! 

We also thought it would be visually appealing to use two different metal settings to complement the color variations for the diamonds. Using CAD allowed us to visualize different molds and settings to make sure we got it just how we wanted.

It also allows us to tweak the design until we feel it is exactly what we want — see below for a picture rendering our designer shared with us during the design process. We played around with different metals and ultimately settled on yellow gold for the yellow diamonds and platinum for the white diamonds. 


Once we finalized the design, we were able to cast the ring in platinum and yellow gold, set the white and yellow diamonds, and polish the entire piece. What was once a set of loose diamonds is now a stunning platinum and gold yellow diamond halo eternity band. The final product includes more than 7 carats of yellow and white diamonds, is 7.7mm wide, and is perfectly sized for a size 6 finger. It also was a fun design exercise for us at Samuelson’s! 

If you have estate jewelry or loose stones that you’d love to repurpose into something contemporary, or want help in crafting a custom design, we’d be delighted to help. We also have a wide collection of jewelry available if you want to browse around for inspiration. Get started today by getting in touch!

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