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Your Guide to Selling Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

Jun 21, 2023

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most well-known names in the jewelry market, offering a growing number of beautiful and timeless pieces to their collections each year. Whether you have been holding onto antique Tiffany jewelry, vintage Tiffany jewelry, or one of their latest pieces, you may be wondering if you can sell these items. 

Given its impressive value, Tiffany & Co. jewelry offers a unique opportunity for investors and jewelry lovers. Why is Tiffany jewelry so expensive? It is synonymous with luxury! 

Let’s discuss how you can sell pre-owned Tiffany & Co. fine jewelry pieces.

Important Considerations for Selling Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co. Fine Jewelry

Turning used Tiffany jewelry into a little extra spending money sounds great, but how does it really work? These are important considerations to know when selling your used Tiffany jewelry collections! 

Is Tiffany Jewelry Still Popular?

Tiffany & Co. has been a top name in jewelry since the mid-1800s, and it continues to thrive today. In recent years, the popularity of this brand has drastically increased. In 2022 alone, Tiffany & Co. experienced an 18% revenue increase–and their popularity keeps on growing! 

Can You Resell Tiffany Jewelry?

Since Tiffany & Co. jewelry is so popular, you may be wondering if you can resell it. Like any other luxury jewelry product, Tiffany & Co. jewelry can be resold. As long as you know who to sell it to, you can absolutely resell Tiffany jewelry, and Samuelson’s Diamonds is your best option. 

Is Tiffany Jewelry a Good Investment?

Given the recent growth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry in the public eye, it is a wonderful investment in 2023. More people are looking to purchase products from this brand, which means that there is a high interest in buying pre-owned items from Tiffany & Co. 

Is Tiffany’s jewelry still worth it today? Yes, it is a worthy investment!

Does Tiffany Buy Back Jewelry?

Tiffany does not offer a traditional buy-back program like some other companies. Instead, they offer a limited Ring Upgrade Program to support those who purchase their engagement rings. With this program, you can trade in your engagement ring for credit toward a new ring that is 100% greater than the original paid price. However, they will not outright buy their items from you.

How to Authenticate Tiffany and Co. Jewelry

It is very important to know how to spot fake Tiffany jewelry if you plan to buy and resell it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to determine if Tiffany & Co. jewelry is genuine. 

These three questions can help you to know if Tiffany & Co. jewelry is real.

Where is Tiffany jewelry made? 

The majority of Tiffany & Co.’s jewelry is made in New York, Kentucky, and Rhode Island

Does all Tiffany jewelry come in a blue box? 

Every purchase from Tiffany & Co. is sold in the brand’s signature Blue Box.

Is all Tiffany jewelry stamped? 

Yes, every piece of jewelry made by Tiffany & Co. is stamped with the company’s mark, as well as a marking that signifies the purity of the metal.

Where Can I Sell Tiffany Jewelry?

To benefit from the value of your Tiffany & Co. jewelry, you need to know where you can sell this jewelry. Sales can be made directly to buyers if you know one, but the best way is to partner with a jewelry retailer like Samuelson’s Diamonds & Estate Buyers. 

Sell Your Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co. Fine Jewelry With Samuelson’s Diamonds Today!

When you invest in luxury jewelry, you are investing in true value. Samuelson’s Diamonds has been a part of the fine jewelry market since 1922. To support the interests of our customers, we buy and sell the best of the best–like Tiffany & Co. jewelry! 

To sell your used Tiffany & Co. jewelry, schedule an appointment at any of our three locations or sell by mail for even more convenience! 

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