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Why a Rolex Watch Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Jun 10, 2021

Why a Rolex Watch Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Wondering what to get your dad for Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered. One of the most timeless gifts (pun intended) is a Rolex watch. They’re beautiful, stylish, functional, and impeccably crafted. They also retain their value extremely well – which is not something that can be said for most gifts. 

In fact, Rolex watches have been known to increase their value significantly depending on its rarity and condition. That’s why you’ll rarely find a vintage Rolex watch on display. Instead, retailers keep a waiting list of prospective buyers for when that opportunity comes along. Fortunately, at Samuelson’s, our list of available Rolex watches is ever changing, which means there’s always an opportunity to find the perfect watch for your dad.

One really neat feature about Rolex sport watches is that each line was designed for a certain profession or lifestyle. While Rolex watches certainly exude luxury, they also are practical. Read on to learn more about some different types of Rolex sports models – also known as professional models – and see if one might make the perfect gift for your dad! 

In 1922, Rolex launched the Oyster, which was Rolex’s first foray into making waterproof wristwatches. As greater depths were explored by deep-sea divers, so was the technology in making the watch even more functional so that the watch could be read underwater. The Oyster paved the way for the Submariner, which can reach depths of 1,000 feet  and the Sea-Dweller, which allows divers to explore nearly 13,000 feet under the ocean’s surface.

Rolex’s reputation for making professional watches continued when they were approached by Pan American World Airways in the 1950s. Pan Am wanted a timepiece that could display a second time zone for their commercial pilots. Rolex set about designing a piece that did exactly that – the GMT Master. And then they kept innovating – which is why there are so many variations of the GMT Master today!

But there’s also an element of daring to Rolex’s designs. In fact, one of their most popular lines happens to be one that’s associated with race car drivers! That’s largely in part because of Paul Newman. He wore a Daytona watch in his 1969 drama, “Winning,” and it was a familiar part of his image in photo shoots, the movie, and as a racecar driver. The watch’s trademark bezel allows race car drivers to measure elapsed time and read average speeds – perfect for the racetrack. And the Daytona tends to be one of the most-in-demand lines of Rolexes out there.

These are just a few of their sports models – there are so many more, like the Explorer, Yacht-Master, and Milgauss. Now comes the hard part: deciding which watch would be perfect for your dad! 

A good place to start is by looking at our Etsy or 1stdibs online shops to see what we currently have available. Because we’re the most experienced and trusted diamond and estate jewelry buyer in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Virginia, and Maryland areas, our collection is ever changing. 

Give your dad the gift of time and value as a thank you for the time and value they invested in you. Get started by browsing our inventory of Rolex watches online today. 

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