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What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Nov 28, 2022

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Be it princess, pear, emerald or marquise, there are so many ways a diamond can be cut that it can be hard to choose just one style! But as a diamond seller, we’ve noticed that there’s one style that always stands out: the round cut diamond.

If you’ve ever wondered how much are diamonds worth or the value of diamond price by shape — especially the round diamond — here’s a quick little guide for you on why round diamonds are the best diamond shape for value.

Time and Skill

When it comes to determining the price of diamonds, we always go back to the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Round diamond cuts are part of the brilliant family in that the cut is designed to produce maximum brightness, fire, and sparkle. However, to get that symmetrical shape, a large amount of the rough stone has to be cut away. That requires both time and skill to get that perfect round diamond cut.

Additionally, it is estimated that 60% of a rough stone is cut away to reveal that round brilliant cut diamond, compared to 20% for a princess cut, the next most expensive shape. Because so much of the stone ends up being discarded and because it requires such an expert hand, round diamond cuts often necessitate a higher price as well as a higher resale value.


When considering how much diamonds are worth, something to keep in mind is that round stones are the most popular choice in the market – making them the best diamond cut. They are classic with timeless quality, which means round cut brilliant diamonds also tend to retain and appreciate the most in value. We sell more round cut diamonds than any other shape.

That means the pricing needs to be comparable because these are regularly in high demand. However, that’s also good news for resale value — because it’s almost certain that round brilliant cut diamonds will remain in demand. At Samuelson’s, the round diamond makes up nearly half of all our loose stones on hand!

Hidden Benefits

One nice benefit of round diamond cuts is that they are much better than the other diamond shapes at hiding imperfections! When looking at a round diamond, a key element to look for is symmetry. You want your diamond to play with the light and catch the eye. This also means that when done right, you can get away with a lower color and clarity to save on cost.

Shopping for a Particular Diamond Shape? 

At Samuelson’s, we have all different types of diamonds. And while we’ll never say there’s any one best diamond cut, we do know that the round diamond shape appeals to the most buyers! In our private showrooms, our experts can walk you through our current inventory of round cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, and more! We can help you design the perfect diamond ring using one of our loose stones and setting it into a custom design or choosing one of our gorgeous diamond rings that have been artfully created by our jewelers. Whichever path makes the most sense for you, get started by making an appointment today!

If you can’t make it in-person to one of our locations but want to buy diamonds online, view our Diamond Search page to find out what is the best diamond cut for you!

Looking to sell your diamonds? 

For those looking at where to sell diamonds, look no further! Get an offer at Samuelson’s to find out how much your diamonds are worth.

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