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Diamonds 101

What Diamond Shape Looks Best On Your Finger?

May 26, 2017

There are a lot of decisions to make when choosing a diamond engagement ring. You have to learn the technical details, like carat, cut, color, and clarity, but that’s just the beginning.

You also need to consider your future fiancée’s physical characteristics. What will the ring look like on her hand? What kind of ring would be most flattering on her finger? To answer these questions, you’ll need to consider the diamond’s shape.

Popular Diamond Shapes

First, let’s review the most popular options for diamond shapes. When you think of a diamond, you probably think of the standard round shape. However, there are actually many shapes to choose from.

Here’s a quick guide to the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings:

  • Round – simple, popular, and classic
  • Cushion – an increasingly popular option that’s been around for hundreds of years
  • Emerald – striking with an oversized table (the flat surface on the top of the stone)
  • Radiant – intricate, exquisitely shaped corners
  • Pear – the shape of a teardrop
  • Princess – the diamond that stands out from the crowd
  • Oval – classic and popular for rings and other jewelry
  • Heart – unique, distinctive, and symbolic
  • Asscher – bold, unique, and a favorite among celebrities
  • Marquise – ideal if you want a diamond that looks larger than its carat weight

Learn more about different diamond shapes.

Best Diamond Shapes For Short Fingers

The goal with short fingers is to lengthen their appearance. You can create this effect with an elongated diamond shape such as an oval, pear, or marquise. Use a narrow-width band to add to the illusion of length.

Best diamond shapes: small round, asscher, marquise, princess, oval, pear

Diamond shapes to avoid: large round, emerald, heart

Best Diamond Shapes For Long Fingers

A woman with long fingers has an advantage when it comes to diamond rings: almost any shape will look good! There are very few shapes that would make her finger appear shorter, while there are plenty of shapes that will compliment her form. Note that princess cut and round stones are especially flattering!

Best diamond shapes: round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, asscher

Diamond shapes to avoid: marquise, radiant, pear

Best Diamond Shapes For Slender Fingers

With slender fingers, the main goal in choosing a ring is not to overpower. Instead, compliment the shape of her fingers with a round, cushion, or oval diamond. If desired, smaller stones and thicker bands can help make thin fingers appear wider.

Just make sure you don’t go crazy with carats. Lucky for you (and your wallet), a small stone on slender fingers can look quite large! Be mindful of proportions.

Best diamond shapes: round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, pear

Diamond shapes to avoid: radiant, heart

Best Diamond Shapes For Wide Fingers

A woman with wide fingers has plenty of room for a heftier diamond. Don’t pick something dainty that will disappear between her fingers. If it suits her style, go big! The trick is not to show too much skin on either side of the ring. This will cause fingers to appear wider. Consider cluster styles, large settings, and something a little bolder.

Best diamond shapes: round diamond with cluster, radiant, marquise (horizontally set), princess, oval, pear

Diamond shapes to avoid: marquise (traditionally set), emerald

When In Doubt…

Did you notice that a round diamond looks good on any type of finger? It’s true. There’s a reason that round cut diamonds account for approximately 75 percent of all diamonds sold.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure what diamond shape to go with, choose a round diamond.

More Diamond Shape Considerations

Fingers shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a diamond shape. Here are a few more things to keep in mind:


One of the most mesmerizing features of diamonds is how they reflect light. The light you see reflected off a diamond is determined by a few factors, including cut, color, and shape.

When it comes to shape, go with round, oval, marquise, and pear to get the most bling to your ring. Heart and princess shapes bring the sparkle too, albeit ever so slightly less so.

Remember, shape is just one factor when it comes to sparkle and shine. The actual cut of the diamond — not the shape — has the most impact on reflecting light.


Don’t forget about your budget! It may be tempting to go diamond crazy, but your budget is a big factor in the diamond you purchase.

With all other factors the same (carat, color, clarity, and cut), here are the general price points for each diamond shape:

  • Low – Emerald, Oval, Asscher
  • Middle – Princess, Cushion, Round, Radiant
  • High – Marquise, pear, heart

Of course, the cost of the diamond depends on many more factors than just its shape. Learn more about the characteristics experts use to evaluate a diamond’s quality and value.

Ready To Find The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?

Choosing a diamond shape is only the first step in finding an incredible engagement ring. At Samuelson’s Diamonds, we’d love to help you every step of the way.

If you live in or near Baltimore, come visit our jewelry store in downtown Charm City just 3 blocks north of Camden Yards. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

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