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Top 7 Myths About Selling Diamonds

Jul 7, 2017


Selling a diamond can be an exciting experience. Even so, jumping into the process uninformed or with false information can lead you to overlook certain aspects of the diamond’s value and sell your diamond for less than its worth.

Even worse, selling your diamond without first conducting proper research could put you in a situation that compromises your safety.

Taking the time to understand the selling process and what you should expect will ensure you have a safe experience and get the best price for your treasured piece of jewelry.

In this blog post, we’ve debunked 7 of the most common misconceptions people have about selling diamonds. Take a look below to make sure you approach this experience fully informed and in the safest, most effective way possible.

Evaluating Natural Diamonds

Evaluating A Diamond Is Easy–You Can Do It Yourself

The truth is, accurately quantifying the worth of a diamond requires a professional. No matter how many hours of online research and reading you do, determining the value of your jewelry in today’s diamond market can only be done by a professional.

Diamond experts must have years of training and experience in order to accurately evaluate a diamond’s worth. No one can determine a diamond’s worth just by looking at it. In fact, there are more than 20 factors that can affect a diamond’s value.

It’s Better To Work With A Seller Instead Of A Buyer

When trying to decide where to sell your diamond, your first thought may be to head to a jewelry store. In reality, your first instinct should be to look for a reputable buyer.

Working with a seller, like a jewelry store, has many downsides. For one, sellers specialize in, you guessed it, selling. They may not have the skills or experience needed to properly evaluate your piece of jewelry and know what it should be bought for.

Working with a jeweler increases the chances your diamond will be appraised for a lower price.

On the other hand, a certified buyer like Samuelson’s Buyers is solely focused on buying diamonds and jewelry. A buyer knows how to properly evaluate your diamond and help you understand what it’s worth on the market.

At Samuelson’s Buyers, we’ve been buying diamonds for almost 100 years. As a well-known source in the market, we work with a worldwide network of buyers. This means we can buy your diamonds faster and sell them for a higher price. Local pawn shops and jewelers can’t give you this same level of efficient service.

Selling A Diamond Online Is Always Safe

Selling online to a fly by night website is probably the best way to get the least amount of money for your diamond (or ripped off entirely). Online information about the value of your diamond, while helpful, may not be accurate.

There are other risks involved. Mainly, the possibility of getting caught up in a scam. Never ship your diamond to an online source without first verifying their legitimacy.

Unless you know you are selling to a trusted online source, the perceived convenience of selling your diamond on the internet is not worth the risk.

Here at Samuelson’s Buyers, we’ve taken our trusted, proven face-to-face diamond evaluation process and made it available to people everywhere. We’ve been in the jewelry business for nearly 100 years and have the experience and know-how to make selling a diamond online safe, simple, and hassle-free.

Art Deco Ring

If It’s Been In The Family For Generations, It’s Definitely Worth A Lot

A beloved piece of family jewelry handed down from generation to generation holds a great amount of sentimental value. It’s easy to assume this emotional attachment, combined with its old age, will translate into a high worth.

Sadly, however, age is no guarantee of value.

While it is possible your great grandma’s sparkly diamond necklace is worth a lot, there’s also the chance this heirloom contains a stone worth less than you think. Meeting with an experienced and trusted diamond buyer is key to ensuring you get the correct valuation for your antique jewelry.


You Don’t Need To Research The Buyer

As a seller, you need to know who you’re selling to and whether or not that company is trustworthy. Get the best offer for your diamond by doing thorough research before your consultation. Aim to find out the following information:

What Type Of Accreditation Do They Have?

Selling an expensive piece of jewelry is a big decision. Protect yourself by making sure you work with a legitimate business. Look to the Better Business Bureau to find out the company’s rating and ensure it’s accredited.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

A longer a jewelry buyer has been operating in the community, the more you can trust they are running a trustworthy business. Get to know the company a little better by looking into its history. Are they a local company? Who owns the business? Do they have a history of excellent service?

What Are Other People Saying About Them?

Look to online reviews to learn more about how the buyer treats customers. Check the business’ Google+ page to see what past clients have to say about their selling experience with the company. You may also want to see if the buyer has reviews its Facebook account.

How Will You Be Paid?

Before walking into a diamond consultation, make sure you know how payment will be handled. Will you get paid on the spot or at a later time? Any company not completely transparent with their payment process should be avoided.

Asking Questions Leads To A Lower Offer

Some people think that asking too many questions will make them come across as uninformed and result in a lowball offer. If you’re working with a trusted diamond buyer, this is not something you need to be concerned about.

A professional buyer will be happy to answer your questions. At Samuelson’s Buyers, we are committed to honesty and transparency. Our diamond experts always explain the evaluation process and are happy to answer all of your questions and it’ll never affect the offer you receive.


The Longer You Hold Onto Your Diamond, The More It’s Worth

Your diamond shouldn’t be thought of as only an investment. The truth is, while the value of your diamond may change over time, it won’t always be for the better. Just like any other market, the diamond market fluctuates based on supply and demand.

Depending on market conditions and inventory levels, the offer you receive from a trustworthy diamond buyer may be the best one you’ll ever get. It doesn’t always pay to hold onto your diamond for any length of time.


Sell Your Diamond To Samuelson’s Buyers

If you’re ready to sell your diamond, consider meeting with one of the expert diamond buyers at Samuelson’s Buyers. We’d love to meet with you, learn about the story of your diamond, and answer any questions.

We are committed to your safety and security and offer private appointments at our office. There is never any pressure to accept an offer and we always pay you on the spot. Contact us today to make an appointment and sell your diamond jewelry.

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