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Selling Silver in Baltimore

Sep 28, 2010

We’ve recently posted about selling your diamonds and gold, so this week, we want to give some useful information about selling your silver flatware, silver bars and silver coins.

Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling Silver Flatware

Here at Samuelson’s when you sell your sterling silver flatware, the price is generally determined by weight. Unfortunately, young couples today don’t buy or register for sterling silver anymore, (I have a full set at home that I rarely use) so they are not as salable as they used to be. The good news is that silver is trading at a high level right now (almost $22 per ounce) so the sterling silver flatware can really add up. All you need to do is bring your set in, polished or unpolished, and we’ll pay you top dollar. There are exceptions in very rare and collectible patterns, but your Kirk or Steiff Rose will only go by weight.

Silver Maple Leaf

Silver Maple Leaf

When you are selling your silver coins or silver bars here in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, it’s a little different than flatware. These are bought based on the spot silver prices. We can buy at a very close percentage to “spot” based on a few factors. Some examples of silver coins we buy are Maple Leafs, Eagles, and even silver quarters, dollars and dimes (pre-1964).  The price depends on the price of silver at the time of your trade, and the volume of silver that you are selling. The more you have to sell, the closer we can work. Also, some coins are so rare that they trade at a level that is ABOVE spot. We love seeing that stuff, and we would have to inspect them for condition, year, etc.

There are several brands of silver bars including Englehard, Johnson Matthey and Credit Suisse. These are bought by the weight and the volume that you have and they are very easy to trade.

Silver Bars

Silver Bars

So please don’t forget if you’re in Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia to contact us to sell your silver that’s been sitting around the house. You’d be surprised to learn that it’s worth a pretty penny, especially with the metals markets reaching all time highs.

Please click here for current market prices.

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