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Samuelson’s Diamonds Filtered Yelp Reviews

May 15, 2012

We’ve written about Yelp’s review practices in the past and how they filter reviews. Well, we got two (good ones) over the weekend. One stuck because it was from a Elite Yelp member. The other got filtered and it was a REAL REVIEW from a REAL CUSTOMER.

So without going into Yelp’s business practices over again, we decided to display the FILTERED YELP REVIEWS we have received. CLICK HERE TO LOOK ON YELP.

Gloucester, MA


I recently traveled to Baltimore to search for an engagement ring. Prior to my trip, I had researched and scheduled appointments with several Jewelers in the area. From the beginning, the staff was particularly responsive and attentive to my budget, design choice, etc.

When I arrived (with an entourage of my sister, mom, hopeful fiance’s best friend, and sister’s boyfriend) they were always courteous. It was clear from the beginning that the staff had put time and effort into finding their best selection of rings, diamonds, and settings.

I purchased a ring from them that day and am still thrilled with the decision.

Glen Burnie, MD


Hi Ron, Steve, Cara and Paul:

All of you are fabulous!  I had a ball getting my new GORGEOUS rings.  Talk about the perfect experience – Education on the 4 Cs and tips on diamonds and the biz, plus enormous patience and a big dose of kindness and lots of laughs along the way.

Besides buying my stunning rings, I sold  a diamond and slew of silver and gold.  All transactions were a breeze.

High marks to Sameulson’s for the kind of  experience today that money cannot buy…TRUST and CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Hope to see you soon.  Fran

Baltimore, MD


Very personable Family Owned business.  Great Prices..I’ve been going to Samuelson’s Jewelry for years…They are WONDERFUL!

Karen J-B

PS….JW’s review is Bizarre!

Baltimore, MD


I love this store, such a dying breed of locally owned business, esp those that have been in the community as long as these guys. i have admired much (yes, when it comes to diamonds bigger & color is better 🙂 but not had a chance to buy any big beauties yet.

the best part is that even if i am in there for a ring repair (with my grandmothers 80 yo ring i trust them!) i still get great customer services as if i was dropping some big coin. i used to sell jewelry years ago and these guys are all about customer service, they want you back & they’re not going anywhere. and thats exactly what you want with the type of purchase you might make there.

if you care even just a LITTLE about Baltimore then you have to stop in and see them. we need to support every merchant like this that we have in the city.

Severn, MD

Updated – 3/27/2010

why does yelp keep removing this review?


  • I have had only good experiences with Ron and Samuelson’s.  My husband bought my engagement ring there, which is BEAUTIFUL.  Ron is very passionate and serious about what he does, but he SHOULD be, given the amount of trust (and investment) you are putting in to this type of purchase.  We love Samuelson’s!

Reisterstown, MD

Updated – 3/12/2010

Ron and his team at Samuelson’s Diamonds are the best. The personalized attention I received was first class all the way. Ron’s consultative approach to buying diamonds allowed me to make an informed buying decision. Thanks for a wonderful buying experience!! Look forward to working with you for many years.

Baltimore, MD


Ron and his staff really did an outstanding job helping me select first an engagement ring and then helping my fiancé and I pick our wedding bands.  My grandfather was a jeweler, so I had an interest in buying from a locally owned place that offered a personal feel to the ring buying experience.  Ron greeted me warmly when I came in the door and let me sit comfortably as we reviewed his selection.  He listened carefully to what I was interested in and provided valuable information and insight.  I’d shopped at several other stores, and I ultimately found that I was most pleased with the attitude and service at Samuelson’s, and I found the engagement ring that I liked the best there.  Most importantly, she said “yes” and she loves the ring.  Many thanks to Ron and his staff for helping to make this another meaningful part of our story.

Baltimore, MD


i have been using Samuelson’s Diamonds for my jewlry purchases over 10 years now.  i can honestly say that i would never go anywhere else.  Their service and attention to detail are second to none.  i have purchased many diamonds from them.  i like that they are straight forward and give me all of the information i need to make a great decision.  i have been to other stores that won’t even give you the time of day but at samuelson’s i have always been treated extremely well.  i have also purchased a watch, watch bands, studs, bracelets and necklaces.  i keep coming back because the quality is incredible and the prices are great too.  i am sure you will have the same experience that i have had because every time i am in the store they treat everyone with respect and dignity.

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