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Rules, Tips & Instructions for Taking Care of Your Fine Jewelry

Dec 9, 2021

Wearing fine jewelry makes any day feel special but when it comes to caring for your jewelry, there are essential steps that can help keep it in pristine condition. The very definition of fine jewelry means precious metals and gemstones and it requires a little more care to keep it in tip-top shape. If you frequently wear fine jewelry, you may notice scratches, dulling, discoloration, or even tarnishing depending on usage. Not to mention, exposing your jewelry to chemicals, sun, or rough surfaces can easily damage your precious metals and gemstones. 

Not surprisingly, one of the most commonly asked questions we get is how do you care for fine jewelry? We’ve put together a list of jewelry care tips to help you keep your jewelry in great shape!

Jewelry Care Tips For Everyday Wear

Have you ever looked at your jewelry and wondered why it doesn’t look as shiny as the day you received it? Well, by following a few simple instructions you can help restore your jewelry and protect it from future damage.   

When In Doubt, Remove Your Jewelry

The easiest way to keep your jewelry in pristine condition is to remove it if there is any chance of potential damage. If you’re wearing jewelry daily, such as an engagement ring or wedding band, be mindful of how different activities can impact your jewelry. A good rule of thumb is to take your fine jewelry off while doing chores, working out, or getting ready. 

For example, if you’re lifting dumbbell weights at the gym, the metal from the weights could easily scratch the precious gold or silver metal band. If you swim in a chlorinated pool, are sunbathing regularly (or both), this can lead to increased potential for fading and chemical damage over time. The same applies for using common household items; many people are unaware that cleaners, lotions, perfumes, and even hairspray can cause damage to fine jewelry.  If you have any doubts about how an activity may affect your jewelry, take it off just in case!

Pro tip: To avoid preventable damage, purchase a silicone band to use in place of fine jewelry when cleaning or working out and set a ring dish by your kitchen sink to use when you’re washing dishes or your hands!

Store Your Jewelry  

While it may sound obvious, a key tip to caring for your fine jewelry is learning how to store it properly when not in use. People frequently ask us how to safely store their jewelry and it’s simpler than you may expect. The most common way to store your jewelry is by placing it in a box or pouch, which we provide to anyone who purchases jewelry from us.  

Jewelry pouches and boxes keep your jewelry safe during transport from our store to its final destination and can also be used as long-term storage. Just be sure to keep jewelry containers clean and dry to provide the safest environment for your fine jewelry. While it may be tempting to toss your jewelry into a drawer or on top of a dresser, safely storing your jewelry can help you avoid preventable damage such as scratches. So when you’re running errands, cleaning, working out, or even sleeping, make sure you have a safe place to store your jewelry!

Pro tip: Keep your jewelry in a jewelry box with padded storage spaces to protect it when not in use!

Properly Clean Your Jewelry 

When you wear jewelry often, you can expect some dirt and debris to build up, leaving your jewelry dull or cloudy. But don’t worry, cleaning your jewelry is simple and easy! Chances are that you received jewelry cleaner when you got your jewelry, but if you’ve lost it, that’s okay! The best way to clean your jewelry can be found right in your kitchen.

To safely clean your jewelry, use warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush to remove any debris or build up. If you want to get your jewelry extra shiny and clean, we recommend using a polishing cloth. If you didn’t receive one from your jeweler, you can always purchase a jewelry polishing cloth that’s specially designed for fine jewelry.

Pro tip: When purchasing a new piece of fine jewelry, ask your jeweler for a complimentary jewelry cleaner!

Above all, just be mindful of what you’re doing and how it might affect your fine jewelry. Many people often overlook these simple care instructions and reduce the value of their jewelry as a result. If you are interested in reselling your jewelry, it is especially important to follow proper care instructions in order to receive the maximum value for your jewelry. 

At Samuelson’s, our team of experienced goldsmiths and master jewelers are capable of handling all your fine jewelry needs, including buying your jewelry. If you are looking to sell your gold, diamonds, or estate jewelry, or simply want to get your jewelry professionally cleaned, restored, or repaired, we can help. Just make an appointment online at your own convenience.

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