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Rolex Sports Watches

Aug 10, 2019

Watch Out: Rolex Sport Models are Making a Comeback

Rolex makes great timepieces. Beyond their sleek, luxurious, and classic style, these iconic designer watches are also incredibly well-made and durable, retaining their value for years!

Recently, Rolex sport watches have become especially popular. With the rise of attention and popularity, the price of this Rolex model is surging. If you’re a Rolex collector or have one or more sport models at home, there’s a good chance you can sell it today for more than you paid for it.

Watch the video above or keep reading to learn more.

Rolex sport watches — why the sudden popularity?

Rolex watches have always been big. They’re the “king of watches.” Some even peg Rolex as the most influential and most collectible wristwatch brand of all time. And while Rolex makes a wide selection of watch styles, their sports models have always been highly sought after.

These watches have a perfect all-around and classic style that works for every occasion. They marry function with style and are also rugged and high quality, proven to last a long time. What’s not to love?

Know your Rolex sport watches

There are 3 especially popular Rolex sport models right now. These are the 3 you need to pay attention to. If you have one of these models, and you’ve thought about selling your Rolex someday to make a profit, now is the time.


This watch was actually the first watch for divers and was a big breakthrough in waterproof watches (hence its name). Though it set the standard for divers’ watches, today it’s known as one of the best all-round watches — perfect for adventurers, athletes, artists, and more.

The submariner comes in a variety of styles. This sport watch…

  • Is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 1000 feet.
  • Has high-precision movement
  • Protects against water, dust, and shocks
  • Is virtually scratch proof
  • Comes in gold (yellow and white) and steel

If you’re interested in taking a look at or purchasing this type of sport watch, right now at Samuelson’s we have a few pre-owned Submariners for sale.

GMT-Master II (Blue Red Pepsi Bezel)

Even hotter right now than the Submariner is the GMT-Master — particularly the Pepsi bezel model.

This mid-90s watch was originally embraced by airline pilots as a navigation instrument. Today, with its iconic red and blue bezel, it’s a favorite and highly sought-after timepiece for all.

Features of this watch include:

  • Bidirectional rotating bezel
  • Special 24-hour blue and red pepsi bezel insert
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Black dial with white luminescent hour markers and mercedes hands
  • Date window at 3 o’clock aperture

We love buying this watch here at Samuelsons. And the price we’re buying these for seems to be going up every single month. It may be worth bringing it in for us to look at just to see what offer we can make you.


The hottest Rolex sport model right now is the Daytona.

Designed in 1963 to meet the needs of professional racing rivers, today this watch is a top choice for those wanting a high-performance sports watch. This watch features…

  • Minutes, and seconds markers at 9 and 3 o’clock aperture
  • A tachymetric scale to read average speed over a given distance based on elapsed time
  • The central sweep seconds hand allows an accurate reading of 1/8 second
  • Self-winding mechanical chronograph movement

This watch is selling for a lot right now — prices are going up month after month. If you purchased this type of watch from Samuelson’s even just 3 to 4 months ago, we could buy it back from you today for more than you purchased it for.

The newest version of the Daytona features a black dial ceramic bezel. This watch is difficult to find brand new from an authorized Rolex dealer, but we have them in stock at Samuelson’s!

We buy Rolex sport watches

We buy all types of Rolex sport watch models here at Sameuslons! If you’re interested in seeing how much your Rolex is worth, contact us to schedule an appointment. With the prices of these watches going up and up, you might be very surprised by the offer we give you!

Or maybe you’re interested in buying a Rolex — we can help with that too! We’d love to show you our collection.

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