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Bigger Isn’t Always Better! Insider Jewelry Selling Tips from a Baltimore Jewelry Buyer

Apr 29, 2019

Have some burning questions about selling your unwanted valuables?

At Samuelson’s, we are happy to help our community better understand the ins and outs of the jewelry industry. Thanks to our highly curated collection of luxury diamonds and our promise to always give the best price for your unwanted valuables, we’re proud to be Baltimore’s #1 resource for buying and selling jewelry.

We recently sat down with Allie Lopato, our Director of Estate Jewelry, to discuss some common questions we hear from clients about selling valuables. Allie had a lot of great advice to share!

Don’t see your question listed below? Give us a call at (410) 837-0290. Allie or another one of our experienced team members would be happy to help.


Tell us about yourself — how did you get into the jewelry industry?

I’ve been buying and selling jewelry for almost 10 years — it’s something I’m very passionate about. I love the excitement and process of evaluating jewelry and buying special pieces.

I received my Graduate Gemologist degree in 2010 from the Gemological Institute of America after earning a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University 2008. I then started my career working for one of the largest jewelry buying companies based in New York City.

Learn more about Allie’s story here.


What’s your favorite thing about being a jewelry buyer?

I enjoy the excitement of the evaluation process. I love looking at a piece of jewelry, examining its condition, getting a peek into the history of the peace, and determining its worth.

Even more exciting is educating clients about their valuables, especially when they don’t know what they have. Helping clients get paid for items they’re not using anymore and then passing them along for someone else to love is a great feeling.


What is the biggest misconception people have about the value of jewelry, watches, etc.?

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know: The size and age of a piece doesn’t necessarily affect the price of the item.

Determining the value of a piece of jewelry or diamond is based on a variety of factors:

There are other factors at play, as well, depending on the type of jewelry. But just remember, bigger or older isn’t always better!


What’s the most interesting jewelry pieces you’ve seen?

We see so many unique jewelry pieces here at Samuelson’s. I personally love art deco jewelry — the angular designs, simplicity, and use of bold colors. I think this era of jewelry has a lot of personality and can also be very valuable.

We also recently purchased a natural, no heat ceylon sapphire and diamond ring from a client. It’s gorgeous!


What types of jewelry pieces are currently “hot”?

Jewelry trends come and go, so we take care to curate our collection with a mix of both timeless and trendy pieces.

For example, right now, Rolex sport models are very trendy. Vintage Daytonas, GMTs, and Submariners are also highly desirable.

While signed pieces by famous makers like Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, and Tiffany & Co. are always desirable. The same can be said for round and oval diamonds.

If you’ve been holding onto a specific type of jewelry, waiting for the right moment to sell, there’s never any harm in scheduling an appointment to get your item evaluated. Once we see your item we can give you a better idea of its value and whether or not it’s in “high demand.”


Why do most people decide to sell their jewelry?

There are so many reasons why someone might be interested in selling their valuables. Some of the most common reasons my clients sell their items are…

  • They don’t wear it anymore (or maybe never have)
  • They’ve inherited the piece and don’t like it
  • The jewelry is out of fashion
  • The jewelry needs repairs but its not worth the cost


Why should someone sell jewelry to you instead through Ebay or a pawn shop?

To us, selling jewelry through Ebay or to a pawn shop doesn’t even compare to the Samuelson’s experience. There are so many risks involved in selling on Ebay, including losing your item in the mail. And pawn shops don’t have the jewelry knowledge and experience to properly evaluate a piece or know its true worth.

Plus, you’ll usually have to wait for the item to sell, which can take months, and pay the pawn shop or Ebay a percentage.

Samuelson’s provides a safe process and the best prices for your jewelry. Other benefits include..

  • Private, one-on-one consultation
  • Education on your piece
  • Real offers – not consignment
  • Immediate payment
  • No cost to you and no pressure to accept our offer, ever


What should people know before their jewelry evaluation appointment?

Before an appointment, I often tell my clients that they can come in as prepared or as unprepared as they prefer. I’m here to help answer all your questions and provide education about your piece.

However, one thing I always suggest to bring, if you have it, is documentation. Whether that’s paperwork for your jewelry, receipts, GIA lab certificates, or any other papers relating to the history of the item. It’s also helpful to bring the jewelry box, if you still have it.

One more thing — and this is very important: Don’t try to clean or fix your item before you bring it in. You can end up damaging your jewelry to the point where it cannot be sold.


What can someone expect during their appointment?

Here’s what you can expect: The best offer for your valuables.

But I go to great lengths to make sure your entire experience is positive — this appointment is all about you and your item!

I’ll also offer you a drink or a cup of coffee and give you a tour of our showroom to help you feel more comfortable.

I also know the offer is what most people really care about, so I’m very conscious of this during my evaluations. I’ll chat with you to learn more about your item and help you understand how and why I arrived at a certain offer price.


Schedule an appointment with Allie to sell your diamonds and jewelry!

Have jewelry or diamonds that you no longer want or have questions about how much your item is worth?

Learn more about selling your jewelry to Samuelson’s. Or schedule a private appointment with Allie or another one of our experienced team members. We’re here to help.

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