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How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring

Dec 8, 2016


An engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment, and romance. The right ring will take your breath away!

Choosing your engagement ring is an exciting and romantic experience. Unfortunately, it can also feel stressful and overwhelming. Maybe you’ve never shopped for diamond jewelry before. Maybe you’re not sure where to start.

Whether you’re shopping for a ring together, or you’re getting ready to surprise her, this guide will help you choose a diamond engagement ring that you and your partner will absolutely love! We’ll go over:

1. How to get started and where to look
2. How to set a budget
3. How to choose a diamond shape
4. What determines a diamond’s quality
5. The importance of your own style preferences!

Let’s find you the perfect diamond!

Step 1: You Have to Start Somewhere!hx5m2uc4dfr1zowkbl9yu9itkuqsqbyvuzq1zfrddtqozpaje_9hqp70ga5vm9edj_9fvkcfjr4mhvyfalotp-3gyqe9i3qlwnnblwge-mqlj5zwcczfpkkgwrvg31bndvh1flxh

There’s nothing wrong with a little research (like reading this blog post!), but the best way to find the perfect ring is to talk to a diamond expert who knows how to listen to you, understand what you want, and work within your budget to find an engagement ring as beautiful and unique as your love for your significant other.

Finding a diamond engagement ring at Samuelson’s Diamonds in Baltimore is truly a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll be able to browse our incredible selection of exquisite hand-selected diamonds and learn from our diamond experts. There’s simply no substitute for incredible in-person customer service!

Step 2: Set a Budget

You’ve probably heard the age-old recommendation of two month’s salary. It’s perfectly fine to use this as a guideline, but the truth is that setting your budget is a personal decision. An engagement ring is one of the most important (and maybe one of the largest) purchases you’ll make. The amount you spend should be up to you!

Remember: A high-quality diamond never wears out. It never loses its shine. You may even pass it down to the next generation.

At Samuelson’s Diamonds, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of beautiful, hand-chosen rings for any budget!

Step 3: Choose a Diamond Shape

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, or you’d like to have one custom-made from a loose diamond and matching band, diamond shape is important. You’ll also need to decide whether you prefer an engagement ring with multiple diamonds or a single solitaire. Both can be absolutely stunning!

Here’s a quick guide to the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings:

  • Round – simple, popular, and classic
  • Cushion – an increasingly popular option that’s been around for hundreds of years
  • Emerald – striking with an oversized table (the flat surface on the top of the stone)
  • Radiant – intricate, exquisitely shaped corners
  • Pear – the shape of a teardrop
  • Princess – the diamond that stands out from the crowd
  • Oval – classic and popular for rings and other jewelry
  • Heart – unique, distinctive, and symbolic
  • Asscher – bold, unique, and a favorite among celebrities
  • Marquise – ideal if you want a diamond that looks larger than its carat weight


Learn more about different diamond shapes.

Step 4: Understand Diamond Quality

When you look at diamond engagement rings, you might ask about diamond quality. There are 4 characteristics experts use when we evaluate diamonds. These characteristics are known as the 4C’s: Carat weight, Color, Clarity, Cut.

Let’s look at how each one affects the value and appearance of your engagement ring:

Carat Weight

Carats measure what a diamond weighs. As you might imagine, larger stones are usually more valuable, but there are benefits to diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind: weight doesn’t always determine how big a diamond looks. Cut can influences how big a diamond looks more than you might think.


A diamond’s color is the result of light passing through chemical impurities or defects in its crystalline structure.

In general, colorless diamonds are more valuable because they allow more light to pass through them. (That’s what makes diamonds sparkle!) Still, many people prefer the warm glow of a lower color diamond.

You should also know that your engagement ring’s setting can really affect how the diamond’s color appears.

  • Even diamonds with slightly low color grades can look great with a yellow gold setting.
  • High color grades look best if your ring’s setting is white gold or platinum.
  • You’ll find a faint yellow hint in diamonds with lower color grades. This color can be camouflaged by the right setting for the stone.

Whatever your budget or your diamond color preferences, the experts at Samuelson’s Diamonds can help you find a ring you love!



Even the most beautiful diamonds aren’t 100% perfect. Clarity refers to the level of blemishes and inclusions in a diamond.

Blemishes occur when a diamond is cut. Inclusions are flaws that occur in nature, like cracks, air bubbles, and minerals.

As you might have guessed, diamonds with a higher level of clarity are generally more valuable.


More than anything else, it’s a diamond’s cut that really makes it shine. A diamond’s brilliance is determined by how it refracts light. When a diamond has a good cut, light travels through it easily.

Step 5: Trust Your Instincts

There’s a lot of science and expertise behind evaluating a diamond and determining its worth. But when it’s time to choose a diamond engagement ring, what really matters is what you think!

A diamond engagement ring is about you and your significant other. The right ring is a beautiful symbol of your unique love story.

That’s why the best way to choose an engagement ring is to look at a wide variety of options in person, talk to an expert who understands your needs, and trust your instincts! I can tell you from years of experience in the diamond business, when you see the perfect engagement ring, you’ll know it!


Are You Ready to Find an Incredible Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you need an engagement ring, or just want to get your questions answered, we’d love to help you celebrate this exciting time in your life!

If you live in or near Baltimore, come visit our jewelry store in downtown Charm City just 3 blocks north of Camden Yards. Click here to get directions in Google Maps. Or contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

Photo credit: State Farm Follow, Paul Noillimrev, Gary Bridgman

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