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How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

Aug 10, 2019

In some ways, a brand new engagement ring is like taking care of a newborn. What should and shouldn’t you do to ensure it’s safety?

This is a normal feeling. We get a lot of questions from our clients about diamond ring care maintenance. Our team is happy to give as much advice as you need to feel comfortable incorporating your diamond engagement ring into your daily life.

(No time to spare? Skip to the end for a diamond ring care guide summary)


Should I insure my engagement ring?

Yes! Get your rock insured right away — preferably before it leaves the store (or immediately after). Insuring your ring in the event it gets lost, stolen, or damaged will give you peace of mind and help you feel more comfortable wearing your ring daily.

Even small diamonds are a financial commitment. Protect your investment!


Is it bad to resize your engagement ring?

Resizing your ring at least once is quite common — especially if the ring is a surprise and you weren’t able to have the ring exactly fitted to your finger ahead of its purchase. However, avoid having the ring resized more than once. Getting the ring adjusted often will start to make the metal more fragile and susceptible to long-term damage.


How often should you get your engagement ring cleaned?

Aim to get your ring professionally cleaned 4 times a year — or as close to that as possible.
This once-a-quarter refresh will help you feel confident in the appearance of your ring. It will also ensure your ring is free from any debris or small scratches, leading to more damage down the road.

You should also have the ring checked out by a professional at least once a year. This checkup is to look for any scratches, loose prongs, or setting issues.


Should I clean my engagement ring at home?

Cleaning your engagement ring at home can be risky. Always discuss this process with your jeweler before attempting to clean an engagement ring at home, as your ring may have unique needs.

In general, you can soak your ring in warm water and dishwashing soap for about 20 minutes. Then very gently use a soft toothbrush to brush the stone, and finish by rinsing under warm running water.

As always, be very careful to avoid dropping your ring down the sink or losing it somewhere else in your home.


What if I scratch my ring?

If you scratch your ring we recommend taking it in for repair. Some ring materials will show scratches more clearly than others.

For example, when you scratch a 14k white gold engagement ring, the white gold is removed from the scratch mark. After a number of scratches, you may notice your ring has a yellow tone to it. Your jeweler can help restore its brilliance and ensure its long-term durability.


Should you take off your rings before washing your hands?

No. We don’t recommend removing your ring every time you wash your hands. In fact, this act can be quite dangerous for your ring as so many people end up forgetting about and losing it. You might leave it behind in a restaurant restroom or on the side of your sink where it will inevitably get knocked down the drain.

We know right now you’re thinking, “Oh, I would never forget to put my ring back on.” Life is busy and even with the best intentions, you’re so much more likely to misplace your ring if you take it off every time you want to wash your hands.


Is it ok to shower with your engagement ring on?

Yes and no. Like with washing your hands, you have to be careful not to leave your ring in a place it can easily get forgotten or lost. However, keeping your ring out of the shower will also keep it’s shine lasting longer and avoid the chance of it accidentally slipping off your finger while it’s lathered in soap.

A good rule of thumb is to…

  • Have a jewelry bowl or secure place you always place your ring when showering
  • Never take off the ring if you’re showering away from your own home


Is hand sanitizer bad for a diamond ring?

Hand sanitizer and soap won’t damage your ring. If you have a white gold ring, excessive exposure to hand sanitizer and other cleaning agents can slowly make the finish on white gold wear away. However, remember your ring is strong and designed to last.


When should I take off my engagement ring?

Avoid taking your ring off in public. We’ve mentioned it a few times but it bears repeating — the more you take your ring off (especially when you’re not at home), the more likely you are to lose it.

While your engagement ring is meant to be worn at all times, there are some activities which warrant special consideration for your ring. If you’ll be participating in any of these activities, we recommend removing your ring while you’re at home and keeping it in a secure place until you return.

  • Swimming or other water sports
  • Cleaning with harsh chemicals
  • Contact sports
  • Painting or other artistic projects
  • Baking or messy cooking projects


Should you sleep with an engagement ring on?

Your engagement ring is meant to be worn and enjoyed, so professionals go back and forth on whether or not you should sleep with your ring on.

Your ring can get caught in hair or bedding, slowly loosening the setting. And certain sleep positions can put pressure and body weight on your ring, which can slowly reshape it.

The answer to this question may ultimately come down to your specific ring style and material. Talk to your jeweler to learn their recommendation on this for your ring.


In summary, here’s how to properly care for your engagement ring


  • Always insure your ring, just in case!
  • Avoid resizing your ring more than once
  • Clean your ring 4 times a year
  • Get your ring professionally checked 2x a year
  • Store your ring safely and always in the same spot
  • Take off and safely store your ring during big hands-on activities
  • To avoid losing it, don’t remove your ring in public
  • In general, the less you remove your ring, the less chance it will get lost


Get all your engagement ring care questions answered

We’re happy to give you personalized care advice catered to your specific diamond ring. Need some diamond ring care tips? Give us a call at (410) 837-0290 with your questions or schedule a time to come in for a visit!

We offer trusted engagement ring repair and cleanings to ensure your ring always looks beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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