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Employee Profile – Cara Svingos

Mar 22, 2010

Greetings Everyone!

My name is Cara Svingos. I am a Sales Associate at Samuelson’s Diamonds. I am currently attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County to receive my Bachelors degree in Social Work. You might be wondering why a Social Work student would be interested in diamonds. Aside from my love of all things sparkling and beautiful, it is my passion for communicating with and helping people that has carried over into my role at Samuelson’s Diamonds. About a year and a half ago I joined the Samuelson’s Diamonds team after a year working for Gordon’s Jewelers. As Gordon’s was about to close the store I was working in, I was fortunate when my manager told me about a great jewelry store in downtown Baltimore that was looking for a salesperson for their growing business. In addition to staying in the industry, coming to Samuelson’s has exposed me to a much higher level and quality of products and service. Where I once sold mostly simple fashion jewelry, I now get to play with big diamonds everyday! Helping people with their engagement ring search is absolutely invigorating. When a guy comes in to find the perfect stone for the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, I am so happy to assist!

What’s my favorite diamond cut? Well, round of course. Traditional and classic. And despite the large popularity in white gold  my favorite mounting is actually a yellow gold cathedral. So, please ask for me, email me or hit me up on Facebook if you’re coming down to look at diamonds or just need a gift for that someone special in your life. I’m here to help!

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