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The Most Common Questions Our Buyers Hear

Nov 26, 2018×450.png

With so many types of jewelry, collectibles, and other valuables, our buyers receive a lot of questions and have heard it all.

They wouldn’t have it any other way! Our certified buyers simply love all things jewelry, coins, watches, and precious metals. Be it rare, vintage, designer, custom, or bullion metal, they’re interested in whatever unique situation is presented to them.

While every jewelry evaluation is different and presents unique questions, there are some common questions they here in many of their private consultations. In this month’s post, they answer the questions they most commonly hear.

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How do you decide how much my item is worth?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. With good reason, too. Many of the pieces we’re buying are very valuable, and understanding how the value we’re attaching to your item is meaningful.

Fortunately, our certified buyer’s process is quite simple.

  • We evaluate each piece individually, taking great care and showing respect for all aspects of the piece and its history.
  • Consider the designer or brand of the item.
  • Evaluate the piece depending on the category of item. For instance, with diamonds we evaluate the piece based on the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, & Carat weight) to determine the quality and value of the diamond.
  • Factor in the market price of the materials and market demand of the item.

Learn more about how we determine the value of your item.×534.jpg

What items do you buy?

We buy all sorts of valuables and collectibles. Our buyers are pros and can evaluate a range of items, from flatware to rare coins.

We love buying:

  • Diamonds: All sizes, clarity, color, and carat weight. We’re just as happy to buy loose stones as designer jewelry.
  • Engagement rings: We love everything from vintage to modern pieces.
  • Watches: We buy mechanical watches in most conditions. We’ll also buy bracelets made from gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals.
  • Estate jewelry: We are happy to go through an inherited estate jewelry collection with you.
  • Silver: Anything from jewelry and flatware, to coins bullion. We simply love silver!
  • Gold: We buy gold in 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k. We’re happy to take a look at any gold items you have!
  • Coins and bullion: We buy all sorts of gold and silver coins — collectible, bullion, or otherwise!

Read more on what we do and do not buy.

Where are my items going once purchased?

Samuelson’s Buyers has a massive network of purchasers who allow us to offer unbelievable prices for jewelry we purchase.

When you sell your jewelry online, there is generally only a low volume of budget conscious buyers. When you sell to Samuelson’s Buyers, our network of high net-worth individuals and elite collectors allows us to offer great prices, since we know these buyers want items just like yours.×533.jpg

Will you buy my item even if it’s broken?

Yes! Even if your item is completely broken, it still holds value. Most valuables we buy are made from precious metals or other valuable materials, meaning in even the worst case you will still receive something for your item.

Even more likely however, your watch holds value beyond the spot price of whatever material it’s made from. This value could be because….

  • It’s a collectible: Even if your item is broken, if it’s a rare item it will still hold value. This is particularly true with jewelry and watches.
  • Parts can be used: Watches are a notable example here. Watches are comprised of many tiny parts that are hard to replace. Your watch’s extra pieces could help another live on!
  • They can be repaired: While individual fixes might be expensive, our team and network of buyers have the experience to fix broken jewelry in an economic way.

Learn more about why broken watches and jewelry hold value.

How old is my jewelry?

This one can be tricky, but our buyers have a number of methods of discovering how old your jewelry is. This includes hallmarks of the piece or the style in which it’s fashioned, such as Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco.

To give you the clearest answer, we ask that you bring with you the following items when coming into our office:

  • When you personally received the item
  • Who you got the item from or where it was purchased
  • What information you received on the item at the time of purchase or that you’ve learned in the time since
  • Any paperwork, certificates, or documents you have on the item

Generally, with this information we are able to date your item and give you a good idea on the time period it’s from.

Learn more about estimating the age of your jewelry.×533.jpg

Should I clean my item?

It’s not necessary to clean your item before selling to Samuelson’s Buyers. In fact, we recommend that you do not clean your valuables at all prior to our evaluation.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, attempting to clean or fix your jewelry prior to coming in can actually damage the jewelry. With vintage jewelry, you can actually decrease its value significantly by removing its character.

Plus, dealers want to clean and maintain jewelry in their own particular way. If it’s already been cleaned, they lose this ability, and the amount they’re willing to spend may drop.

Is my valuable a fake?

One of our least favorite interactions at Samuelson’s Buyers is having to tell excited individuals that what they thought was a valuable piece is actually a fake.

If you’re unsure if your valuable is a fake, feel free to come in for an honest assessment. Some actions you can take in the meantime to find out if your valuable is a fake include:

  • Verify the serial number with the manufacturer to ensure it’s authenticity
  • Attempt to determine if the material itself is real
  • Research markers of fake merchandise for the brand of your item

Learn more about how to spot fake valuables.×533.jpg

Is it okay to ask questions?

Of course! We encourage sellers to become engaged in what they’re selling. Feel free to ask all the questions you have. We want you to feel incredible about your sale, and part of that is knowing as much as you can about the deal you’re agreeing to enter.

Have your jewelry evaluated by a professional

At Samuelson’s Buyers, our certified buyers have years of experience evaluating all types of valuables. Our consultations are safe and secure and are focused on helping you understand more about your piece and how much it’s worth.

Our expert jewelers have been providing outstanding service to the Baltimore and Chevy Chase
areas for almost 100 years. Although there’s never any pressure to accept, we offer the best prices for valuables in the area.

Contact us online or give us a call at (410) 837-0290 to schedule your private consultation.

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