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An Exciting Jewelry Show – JCK Las Vegas

Jun 12, 2010

We had an exciting show in Vegas this year, not just trading diamonds and jewelry, but educating and networking. We also rolled out a new product, The Social Jeweler, which was received very well.

Some highlights included being on a panel about Social Media in the jewelry industry that was featured in JCK Online:

JCK 2010

Ron Samuelson, of Samuelson Diamonds in Baltimore, said he’s seen a big spike in traffic as a result of his presence on social networks. “The other day I had two customers come in that I knew from Twitter and nowhere else,” he said. “I believe it’s helped me very much.”

It certainly has been useful for getting publicity. Samuelson notes that he’s been written up in the Wall Street Journal and Baltimore magazine.

“Every single reporter is on Twitter,” he said. “Before, you needed a PR agency to get press. Now all you need to do is hit an ‘at reply’ and you can get the attention of a New York Times reporter.”

The full article: JCK Las Vegas: Social Media Can Help Jewelers, Panel Agrees

I also spoke at the Couture Show that was featured in National Jeweler in this article: ABJ Panelists Help Solve Social Networking Issues

Then on Sunday I was interviewed by Engagement 101 magazine for a video that will be out in a few weeks. Here’s the writeup on the shoot:

Jewelry Fashion Week Roundup

And of course, we were buying (and selling) some great jewelry! Below is a stunning bridal set from Lieberfarb, a Michele Diamond Deco Watch and a BIG yellow cushion cut diamond ring. Come by and check them out!

Shared Prong Set

Big YellowMichele Deco Diamond

To check out my Vegas blog post for some more personal stuff please click here: JCK Las Vegas

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