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All About Leading Luxury Brand Cartier

Aug 14, 2023

When a new jewelry brand first arrives, there is never any guarantee of whether or not it will succeed, but a few cherished brands survive the passing of time. Such is the case with Cartier, a brand that has been lifting up the fine jewelry market for almost 200 hundred years. 

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Cartier and just how valuable pieces by this brand can be.

Everything You Need to Know About Cartier

If you are interested in learning more about Cartier, you are certainly not alone. These essential facts will help you to understand just how amazing this brand truly is.

What is Cartier?

Cartier is a jewelry and perfume brand that is known for its open-minded and curious designs that find and create beauty from the world around us. Offering luxury jewelry that is fueled by passion and crafted with care, Cartier creates timeless pieces that continue to impress.

The History of Cartier

First founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, this Paris-based brand has maintained a reputation for daring and free-spirited design. Since its founding, Cartier has expanded its presence to reach 60 countries through over 200 boutiques. Today, Cartier is a leading global brand that employs many of the top talents in the industry.

What is Cartier Known For?

Cartier is known for its captivating collection of luxury jewelry. This unique brand has taken the jewelry industry by storm with its growing collection of watches, gems, bracelets, rings–and everything in between. Offering countless luxury jewelry pieces, Cartier creates some of the market’s top accessories.

Where is Cartier Made?

Although Cartier is known for its presence in France, Cartier watches and jewelry are lovingly crafted in Switzerland, Germany, and now Italy as well. Each piece by Cartier is made in one of the brand’s signature workshops.

Does Cartier Hold Value?

There are many considerations that will determine whether or not a piece of jewelry will hold its value over time, and nothing is guaranteed. However, the historical evidence suggests that Cartier, with its impeccable quality and popular brand, maintains its value quite well. In fact, some pieces can exceed their original value, reaching 102% of the original value or more!

Is Cartier Worth It?

Cartier is a lasting brand that continues to amaze the most passionate jewelry enthusiasts around the world, and for this reason, it is absolutely a worthy investment. Since Cartier tends to hold–or even exceed–its original value, their pieces are a wonderful improvement to any valuable collection. Ideal for being kept with care or even passed down through families, Cartier holds its value on the market and continues to impress those who wear its jewelry.

How Much Can I Sell My Cartier Ring For?

The sale value of your Cartier ring will vary based on the ring itself. Cartier offers many different rings that are available at notably different price points, and the way that you care for them will impact their value as well. You might be able to sell your Cartier ring for $1000 or $20,000. It all comes down to the assessment. 

How to Sell a Cartier Watch

Whether you are looking to sell a Cartier ring or a Cartier watch, it is important to use a legitimate approach. To get the most value from your Cartier pieces, it is best to work with a trusted jeweler who can assess and pay the correct value.

Learn How to Sell Cartier Jewelry Today!

There are times when you may decide that it is time to let your Cartier pieces find someone new, which is why it is important to learn how to sell Cartier jewelry and watches. At Samuelson’s Diamonds, we buy and sell beautiful pieces by Cartier to help them find the perfect home.

To learn more about how we can help you to receive the value of your Cartier jewelry, schedule an appointment or contact us for an offer today!

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