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Estate Jewelry

A Guide to Finding and Buying Estate Jewelry

Nov 3, 2023

Shopping for jewelry is a pleasure no matter what you set out to look for, and some finds are happy surprises. Estate jewelry can be a wonderful opportunity if you are looking to grow your collection or want a great deal on some truly amazing pieces of jewelry. 

In this article, we will explore how to find and buy estate jewelry.

What is Estate Jewelry?

If you are curious about estate jewelry, you might be asking yourself: what does estate jewelry mean? What is considered estate jewelry—and why does it matter?

Jewelry is automatically considered estate jewelry when it has been previously owned by someone else. For many people, this comes as a surprise because they often think buying estate jewelry means purchasing jewelry at an estate sale or that it is very old and from someone’s previous estate. 

This isn’t true, surprisingly. If someone has owned jewelry before you, it is technically estate jewelry. 

Where to Find and Buy Estate Jewelry

Learning how to buy estate jewelry and where to find estate jewelry can set you up for success when you shop. There are many places you can find estate jewelry—jewelry shops, family and friends, or even private sales.

Knowing how to find estate jewelry is crucial if you want to find the perfect piece. Fortunately, you can buy estate jewelry online and in stores, which makes it easy to find. 

The best place to buy estate jewelry is through a jeweler you can trust!

Is Estate Jewelry Different from Vintage Jewelry?

There is often confusion between whether or not estate jewelry and vintage jewelry are the same. They are not the same. In fact, vintage jewelry has its own requirements to be categorized. In most cases, jewelry is not considered vintage jewelry until the jewelry is over 50 years old.

Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

Authentic estate jewelry comes in many forms. Is estate jewelry cheaper, or is estate jewelry a good investment? The truth is that both can be true.

Since estate jewelry has previously been owned by someone else, it can absolutely be cheaper. However, in some cases, it may have actually gained value, making it more expensive. 

Estate jewelry is absolutely a good investment, especially if you get a great deal!

How to Date and Determine Value

To ensure the quality of your investment, it is very important to know how to determine the value of estate jewelry. Learning how to value estate jewelry can help you make conscientious decisions while shopping or selling, but it isn’t always easy.

The best way to date and determine the value of estate jewelry is to work with a professional. Jewelers know how to determine the age and value of estate jewelry and have the tools to do it with a high degree of accuracy.

Find Beautiful Estate Jewelry for Your Collection Today

Estate jewelry can be a truly wonderful find, and some of it will even come with a rich history. To buy or sell estate jewelry, you can partner with our team at Samuelson’s Diamonds. We have been in the jewelry and estate business since 1922, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect jewelry for your collection–or the best price for your beautiful pieces!

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