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$5.8 Million “Mrs. Winston” Diamond Necklace

Jan 18, 2013

As you all know, the 70th Golden Globe Awards was held last weekend on January 13th. The celebrities of 2013 all appeared glamorous in their stunning dresses and timeless jewelry pieces. However, above all the celebrity women in attendance we feel that, Jessica Alba wore an ensemble that stood out the most. Around Mrs. Alba’s neck elegantly laid the “Mrs. Winston,” a 5.8 million dollar diamond necklace by Harry Winston. Containing 207 diamonds and totaling 187 carats, the piece brings back Mrs. Winston’s sophisticated 1950s look. The classic v-line necklace beautifully complemented her Oscar de La Renta’ melon silfe faille trumpt gown as she walked down the red carpet. Mrs. Alba also wore a pear-shaped diamond cluster ring and round diamond stud earrings by Harry Wintson.

According to Frederic de Narp, the president and CEO of Harry Winston, all the diamonds in their magnificent designs are of D, E or F color quality and all set in platinum. No wonder this necklace is worth 5.8 million!

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