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2018 Holiday Jewelry Trends — Studs, Eternity Bands, Luxury Watches, & More!

Nov 26, 2018

With the holidays inching closer, now’s the perfect time to plan your accessories for the season. Whether you like making a big statement with your jewelry or prefer just a little sparkle, there are some fun jewelry trends this season that you should pay attention to.

From classic winter staples like oversize pieces and sparkly earrings, to fresh takes on items like rings and watches — these trends are destined to spice up your holiday season!

Scroll down to see the biggest jewelry trends for 2018. These may even inspire the perfect holiday gift ideas for friends and loved ones!


Stud earrings

Crystal drop earrings are often thought of as the go-to style during the winter. However, with fashion trends moving towards a minimalist look, stud earrings are expected to be in vogue this holiday.

From delicate sparklers to chunky showstoppers — your options run the gamut. But diamond studs are especially stylish this time of year.

If you’re really looking to make a statement or want to impress your significant other with an impressive and thoughtful gift, opt for a custom-made set of diamond studs.

At Samuelson’s, we work with you to hand-select diamonds with similar clarity and carat weights to make a perfectly matched set of diamond stud earrings. We can set these diamonds into a simple yet gorgeous white gold, platinum, or yellow gold setting. The end result is a pair of one-of-a-kind stud earrings that are sure to impress.

During this time of the year, we also offer great sales on our curated collection of stud earring from various well-known designers If you don’t need something custom-designed, this is the next best option for finding the perfect pair of stud earrings to add to your holiday wardrobe.

Contact us to setup your private consultation with our experienced jewelers to pick out or create your stud earrings.


Eternity bands

An eternity band (or eternity ring) is a circular band made of precious metal and covered with gemstones all around. This type of ring is an especially popular trend of 2018.

Though it’s often used as a wedding band, eternity rings are also very popular as anniversary rings or sparkly holiday accessories. Once you see one in person and try it on, you’ll understand why — eternity bands are so sparkly and draw a lot of attention!

You have many options when designing or selecting your holiday eternity band. For instance, you can choose from diamonds or various colored gemstones and metals. The size and number of gemstones can also vary, depending on your personal preference.

Some trending holiday styles include:

  • Platinum ring set against deep rubies and sapphires
  • Rose gold ring contrasted pink sapphires or pink tourmalines
  • White gold ring paired with diamonds for a classic, sparkling winter look


Stacking rings

Stackable rings have been a big trend for a few years now with no sign of slowing down.

This look combines a variety of bands and styles to create a ‘stacked’ effect. It’s the star-approved way to wear rings, with many well-loved celebrities (like Rihanna, Jennifer Garner, and Meghan Markle) sporting the style.

As a wedding ring look, stacked bands are often adopted later in a marriage. It’s common for couples to start with a singular engagement ring and then add one or two stackable rings on special occasions — for example, during the holidays.

But the stackable band look is popular whether or not you’re married and is especially trendy as a holiday cocktail party accessory. Simply choose a collection of rings that complement your own personal style, and start stacking!

For the trendiest look, don’t be afraid to mix metals or gemstones.


Pre-owned luxury watches

In recent years, pre-owned luxury watches have been gaining popularity — especially as an everyday winter season look.

The driving force behind this trend is the overall growing preference for well-made, vintage or unique jewelry. There’s just something desirable about wearing a “hard-to-get” or one-of-a-kind piece on your arm. Not to mention a luxury watch is a symbol of quality, precision, and elegance.

All said, purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch should be done carefully. First-time buyers often make the mistake of choosing a pre-owned luxury watch based only on its look and style. This can lead to spending money on a watch that is not as valuable or authentic as originally thought.

At Samuelson’s, we recommend a strict evaluation process for ensuring you receive the real deal:

  • Verify the watch’s authenticity
  • Ensure the watch is made with precious metals (platinum or gold)
  • Gain information about the style, brand history, and rarity of the watch

At Samuelson’s, we house the best collection of exquisite pre-owned timepieces in the area. All our watches make excellent holiday gifts, but these watches move quickly during this time of the year, so schedule a time to come look at our collection soon!


Vintage diamond jewelry

If you want to make a statement at your upcoming holiday parties, you can never go wrong by adorning yourself with diamonds. Or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your significant other, diamonds are also always highly desired and appreciated. It’s one trend that never goes out of style!

While your options are endless — bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and more — a high-quality vintage diamond piece will really take your look to the next level. This is especially true considering once again how popular vintage jewelry is right now.

At Samuelson, we house an amazing selection of estate jewelry with many diamond antique masterpieces. These unique pieces have been chosen for their quality, elegance, and beauty.

While our collection is always rotating, we typically have a highly curated collection of…

  • Art Deco jewelry
  • Retro jewelry
  • Art Modern jewelry

We can help you find whatever you’re looking for!


Schedule a private holiday jewelry consultation at Samuelson’s

Whether you’re looking to accessorize with the latest holiday trends or want to purchase a memorable gift for special someone, Samuelson’s is the trusted source for the highest-quality jewelry in the Baltimore area.

We invite you to schedule a private, one-on-one appointment with our experienced jewelers. We’ll listen to what you’re looking for and show you options from our curated selection. Trust us when we say you have to see these pieces in person!

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