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2018 Engagement & Wedding Trends in Baltimore

Mar 13, 2018

If you’re planning on getting engaged and married in Baltimore this year, you’re in luck! 2018 is serving up some of the best engagement and wedding trends we’ve seen in a long time, giving couples a plethora of new and unique ideas to pull inspiration from.

The best part is, these trends can be used for every type of wedding – from classic and traditional events to casual celebrations. As you think about your upcoming engagement and wedding day, read through this fresh list of ideas and choose your favorite ones to incorporate into your big day.


Engagement Ring Trends of 2018



Colored Gemstones
Color is making its way into every area of your wedding day this year – including your engagement ring. This year, couples will be adding pops of color to their rings by adding sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or amethyst. Some brides are even foregoing the diamond completely in favor of a colored stone.


Colored Diamonds
Colored diamonds are more popular than ever. Engagement rings set with a colored diamond (like this yellow diamond) provide a striking and beautiful new spin on the classic diamond ring. This stand-out trend certainly gives your ring a whole new dimension.


East-West Settings
The east-west ring setting has been catching fire over the last few months and is one of our favorite trends.An east-west setting is when the diamond is placed in an untraditional orientation – typically horizontal – on the wedding band.


Vintage Cuts
Vintage rings never go out of style, but this year we’re seeing more and more couples opting for the unique, classic look of a vintage ring. Edwardian-era rings are especially popular, as are filigree style settings.


Your engagement ring is the one aspect of your wedding day that will truly last forever, and that’s why we always recommend choosing a ring that’s not so much focused on trends as it is on your love. However, new trends can help compliment your style and personality. It’s about finding a balance between what’s new and trendy and what perfectly speaks to your relationship.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this process alone. A trusted Baltimore jeweler will help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect ring.


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Wedding Style Trends of 2018


Wedding Capes & Arm Warmers

Maybe it’s the Marvel and DC comic book movie hype, or maybe brides are just ready for something completely unique – either way, capes and arm warmers are making a strong entrance in the wedding dress world.

Rather than wearing a coat or full-length sleeves, brides are using sheer or lacy materials to create a cape for their dress. We’re also seeing arm warmers – sleeves that sit low on the arm – take fire. These trends are not only beautiful, they also offer a unique way to replace your veil for something trendy and powerful.


Navy and Mauve (Goodbye Blush)

Blush has dominated wedding palettes the last few years. Though this color likely won’t completely disappear anytime soon, couples are slowly breaking away from this popular trend in favor of a mauve, dusty rose, and navy palette.

Like blush, these colors give the same soft and neutral look, but with a moodier, more elegant tone. Navy is an especially hot alternative to black.


Wreaths and Hanging Floral Hoops

Wreaths are no longer something reserved for winter holidays. In 2018, brides are bringing these beautiful pieces into their wedding day as an alternative to bouquets or flower centerpiece. Many couples are even using massive hanging floral wreaths as a new take on ceremony arches or backdrops.


Indoor Venues

This year, couples are choosing to forego the risk of a rainy ceremony by taking their wedding inside. However, the appeal of the outdoors is not lost on these weddings. Instead, couples are decorating large industrial venues with florals and other fresh elements for a unique and magical setting.


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Wedding Entertainment & Food Trends of 2018


360 Degree Photo Booths

Everyone loves taking photos at weddings. Couples are taking the traditional photo booth idea to a new level. 360-degree photo booths take pictures from multiple angles simultaneously, stitching them together to offer a totally unique photo experience.


Temporary Tattoos

Kids aren’t the only ones who love stick-on tattoos! Temporary tattoo stations are a cute idea that’s taking hold in 2018. Couples are creating custom-made temporary tattoos for guests to enjoy and mark the occasion with in a fun way.


Live Performances

DJs are nice, but the 2018 bride is opting for an overall more authentic experience. From live music to dancers and other performers, couples are looking to create a more personal and exciting time for their guests.


Indoor Fireworks

With the increase in indoor venues, the classic wedding fireworks had to evolve as well. Indoor fireworks mimic the look of a sparkler, but are non-combustible and don’t smoke or smell. If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your day without the danger (or the hassle of getting a pyrotechnic license), indoor fireworks are a great new choice.


Non-Traditional Desserts

Weddings in 2018 will start to forego the traditional wedding cake in favor of more unique and fun desserts. Some of the most popular cake substitutes this year are elaborate donuts, s’more bars, fresh baked cookies and milk, and gourmet hand pies.


Signature Drinks

We all love an open bar and endless Natty Bohs, but weddings this year will see a focus on serving just one or two signature drinks, hand picked and designed by the bride and groom. This could be a keg of the groom’s favorite brew, or a cocktail that speaks to the bride’s personality.


Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring & Wedding Day Jewelry

Planning the perfect wedding all starts by choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. From the setting to the diamond itself, your engagement ring should feel like an expression of you, your personality and your one-of-a-kind love story.

At Samuelson’s Diamonds, our diamond experts will help you browse through our incredible selection of rings and answer all your questions in a friendly, no-pressure environment. We’re here to help you find the perfect ring!


2018 Is a Great Year to Plan a Wedding.
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